Menu Plan – week of June 1

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I haven’t been posting our menu plans all that much lately, but we really have been following a menu plan. Somewhat, at least.

Twice a month, I make out a menu plan for those two weeks (usually works out to two weeks and a couple days). I do a big grocery shop twice a month too, with an occasional trip for milk or perishables in between.

Here’s our menu plan for this week:

Monday – homemade fresh peach ice cream and cornbread at the in-laws. Not the healthiest, but definitely yummy and it is a family tradition (Stephen’s family has been serving ice cream and cornbread together since his grandmother – I’d love to know if anyone did it before her!)

Tuesday – tossed salads and fresh cantaloupe

Wednesday – Pasta Salad Primavera from the Saving Dinner cookbook. It’s full of fresh veggies and really yummy.

Thursday – BLT’s

Friday – homemade pizza

Saturday – spaghetti

Breakfasts – oatmeal, eggs, biscuits, muffins, grits, etc

Lunches – sandwiches, egg salad, mac and cheese, tortilla wraps, leftovers, etc

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