Nearing the end of the second

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I noticed today that I’m getting closer and closer to the end of the second trimester. It has gone by so quickly that it seems unreal!

One of my checkups was today, and I mentioned my fears about being too big too early to my OB. It turns out that everything is measuring exactly on track and she even told me she didn’t think I looked that big. So there. :O)

It probably has something to do with the fact that I’m always in skirts or dresses. They way they fit, they don’t show just a bump in the belly like pants, and they do make a person look bigger. At least most of mine do. Oh well though. It was nice to have my doctor tell me that everything is right on target.

Another nice thing to discover was that I’ve only gained 16 pounds so far (at 23 weeks). My goal is to be more careful with weight gain this time around so that I’m not trying to lose close to 50 pounds again. So far so good, though with as much as I’ve been craving sweets. . .I can’t take all the credit for a manageable weight gain!

Lately we’ve been trying to figure out what we need for a little girl. We’ve also been decluttering quite a bit to make more room for her things. Things have been busy around here the past few weeks, but hopefully they’ll slow down for a little bit before Little Miss gets here. And if they don’t, at least we won’t be bored!

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5 thoughts on “Nearing the end of the second”

  1. Jo – they really do stay up better? I’d hate to wear the maternity pants then! I have a couple of denim skirts that don’t always want to stay up. On second thought though – I made them from maternity jeans so that might have something to do with it, lol!

  2. I’m glad the doc made you feel better about your weight gain & measurements. I totally agree about skirts & dresses making us look bigger! I wear skirts 95% of the time & find the same thing. The good thing about skirts is that they stay up better than maternity pants!!!

  3. Dana, I sure do understand that! Caleb is 17 months, so although we have all the big things, there are a few things we’ll still have to get (like a double stroller and another carseat). Other than that – it’s just trying to figure out what a baby girl needs! Boys – got that down. But girls – clueless, lol!

    Lori, thanks!

  4. I am right there with you, trying to figure out what I need to get for this baby. My last baby was practically 4 yrs ago and since then we have gotten rid of everything except the crib and changing table so it almost feels like I am as panicked as I was when we had our first child. I have no idea what to get ahead of time.

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