What a great day!

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Today has been such a wonderful day.

I got up early this morning to run to the grocery store for a coupon run. That in itself was nice because everything I planned on getting was in stock. A lot of things ended up being cheaper than the price I’d found on the internet too. I spent a lot less than I planned on which was a real blessing.

After I got home, I sat down in the recliner while Caleb was down for a nap. Samuel was playing quietly, and I fell asleep. When I woke up, Samuel was finishing folding a basket of laundry. He does such a good job, and the fact that my five-year-old son was folding the laundry for me was so sweet. He had even drawn me some cards and left them on my desk. I love being his Mommy! My favorite has a picture of him picking me a flower. :wub_tb:

When Caleb woke up, both boys were sitting on my lap while I was trying to read to them (trying – Caleb won’t sit still long enough to really let you read to him too much). Sam leaned up and planted a big kiss on my cheek. Caleb looked at him, grinned, and leaned up to kiss me just like his big brother had done. He has definitely hit the mimicking stage and it was so fun this morning. By the time they were done egging each other on, my face was covered in their slobbery kisses and my hair was an absolute mess. But it was FUN.

Later, I noticed the mail carrier pulling into our driveway. She handed me a big box from my mom. It was stuffed full of sweet little baby dresses that she had found and a baby gift from an old friend. I just love seeing all the frilly, lacy, pink (and purple and yellow, lol) girlie stuff! It was so fun going through the box because she also sent little surprises for the boys too. And hearing Sam say, “Look Mommy! There’s MORE dresses in here for Sissy!” Melt this mama’s heart!!!

Now he has an entire plastic rescue operation out on the kitchen table and I’m hearing a running dialog about people needing to get in the ambulance. He is so creative. . .

God has blessed me so much. I don’t deserve these two sweet boys that He gave me, but I LOVE being their mommy!

Wow. It’s still early too. Wonder how the rest of today is going to go?

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