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Since today was the last day of Harris Teeter’s triple coupons, I decided to stop in and see if anything was in stock. The other day there was hardly anything on my coupon list that was in stock, but today there was a good bit of the things I had been wanting to get.

I just blinked at the total when the cashier stopped entering coupons. Total due: $1.45. Wow. I’d expected it to be pretty low because I didn’t buy a whole lot, but this was far better than I expected.

For that $1.45, I bought:
3 boxes Huggies baby wipes (used a rain check from the last time they were on sale)
2 bags Grande tortilla chips
5 packets Ortega fajita seasoning
1 Suave deodorant

Those three tubs of baby wipes were worth the trip alone. And to be honest, they were my main reason for stopping in the store.

But getting so many items for so little – that was a real blessing.

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6 thoughts on “Coupons – personal best”

  1. I had the wedding this past weekend and then came home with the stomach virus. So I missed it this time. But that’s OK…six to eight weeks from now it will come again. 😛


  2. I’m sorry, Lori! I never thought they were all that great because they were so expensive, but I’m growing to really like them now. I’m sorry you don’t have one!

    Stephanie, you did great! I wanted to get some of the ice cream and thought I had coupons, but apparently not. Enjoy it!

  3. Everytime I read about your Triple coupon deals, it makes me wish that there was a Harris Teeter around here.

  4. Stephanie V.

    Wow Melody thats was blessing! I actually got some things free this time. McCormick sesonings I got some free and the grill mate sesonings were only .50. I have always wanted to try them. We even got to get Ice Cream (Breyers)bogo made them 1.50 a piece! I love triples!

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