My new dress

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Recently I made a new dress, and kept forgetting to have Stephen take pictures of it. I wore it on Sunday and Stephen was kind enough to take a couple of shots of it.

The pattern is McCALLS M4398 – the same pattern I used for this dress. It seems that it’s out of print now, but I absolutely love it. I’ve sewn two dresses from the pattern so far, and bought more fabric yesterday for another. It is by far the most comfortable dress I own. There were a few alterations – lengthening the bodice and hem, raising the neckline a bit, and changing the shoulder seam angle to fit better. It sounds like a lot, but for the most part they really were simple alterations. It was the first time I tried changing the bodice or shoulders, and it turned out really well.


What I do like is this sweet picture of Samuel and I. He wanted so badly to be in the pictures, and this one turned out great.


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9 thoughts on “My new dress”

  1. Heather, that’s great that you do have it! I absolutely LOVE the pattern.

    If you don’t mind, would you sending me the pattern numbers for the bloomers? It seems like you might be able to make them by just modifying a pants pattern some, and elasticizing at the ankles…..but an actual pattern would be great. Thanks!

  2. I was thinking that I wish I had this pattern…too bad it’s out of print. Then while browsing my pattern box for bloomers for Ryleigh this morning I realized I have this pattern still uncut form when I was pregnant with her! Now I just need to see if I have enough of any fabric to make it. Right now I’m still getting by with my non-maternity elastic waist skirts, but that’s not going to work for much longer.

  3. Some things, yes, I do get tired of making them over and over. Like the diapers – I love sewing them but could never sell them because I know I’d burn out so quickly.

    For some reason the jewelry isn’t that way. Maybe because so much of it is customized that it always seems different enough.

    And yes, the money sure helps, doesn’t it?

  4. The dress is beautiful Melody. I bought a skirt pattern that I want to make for myself one day. I know all about the sewing to-do pile. A lady at work prepaid me for 2 hats so I have to get those done this weekend. My hat business is doing pretty well. I do get tired of sewing the same thing over and over though. do you? Of course the money is a good motivator!

  5. Thanks Angie! I’m not sure how to explain it with just words, so I’ll try to draw a picture to explain it a little better. It really isn’t hard to do, just is hard to explain without me being able to show you in person.

  6. It looks very nice on you 🙂 Can I ask how you altered the neckline? I have a similar pattern that I find the neckline too low on, which is the only thing holding me back from making it up. I am a novice sewer so I don’t knowwhere to begin to alter a pattern 🙂

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