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After a couple days of what seems like nonstop work, my jewelry site is back up and running again. I’m so thankful to be done!

When I opened the store 4 years ago, I never dreamed it would become any real source of income. Sure, I hoped it would, but never dreamed how it would all work out.

It all started when I wanted to make infertility and miscarriage bracelets available to women who wanted them. Today, those are still the items that are purchased the most in my store. My heart breaks when I get certain orders – knowing the pain the women are going through. So many of my customers tell me the stories behind their orders. It is an honor to know.

What they don’t know is that my Samuel asks me about every single piece of jewelry I make. Who it is for, and why she wants it. Sometimes I tell him that “this bracelet is for a lady who really wants to have a baby.” His answer is almost always the same. “Mommy, can we pray that she has a baby?” And you know what? He really does pray.

I never dreamed that a hobby of mine would grow like this, but it has. It’s been fun. Work sometimes, but fun most of the time. It’s great. I just hope that the jewelry I make will touch women’s lives in a small way. . .and if it could possibly be a catalyst in bringing them to Christ like my infertility was, then even better.

But all that to say that I’m done. At least, as far as I can tell. Yay for being done, and yay for no more downtime!

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