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Candy. Toys. New clothes. Bunnies. More candy. Chicks. Flowers. Eggs. Even more candy. Easter.

Just what has our Easter celebration become? I’m starting to think that the general public believes that Easter is nothing more than a week off school, and a chance to get a bunch of candy, new clothes, and maybe some toys too.

How has Easter become so distorted?

The boys and I were out at Walmart the other day picking up a few things when we walked down the candy aisle. The place was a madhouse. A little old lady started chatting with us since we were kind of bottlenecked near where she was trying to find the toilet paper she wanted.

She asked Samuel if he was ready for the Easter bunny to come. He just looked at her. I realized at that moment that he had no idea what she was talking about. It’s not what this holiday is about.

This holiday is about Jesus Christ – a man who was more than just a man who came to change history. A man who was fully God and fully man. A man who was born to die. A man who would choose to die, just so that I would have the opportunity to choose Him or reject him and make that decision myself. But best of all – the Son of God who didn’t stay dead!!!!

As I’ve been preparing to teach the six- and seven-year-old kids in my Sunday School class the resurrection story, I’ve been more and more amazed that God would go to such lengths just to bring me to himself. Reading the passages in the Bible over and over. . .meditating. . .and trying to figure out how to best teach those children at their level. And then. . .teaching the same thing to my four-year-old son at home. It amazes me. The absolute gravity of it all.

Yet somehow we still manage to lose sight of why our God would even send His Son. On a regular basis, even. I’ll be honest here – I know I do. But the more I study right now, the more I realize that it’s something I should be remembering much more often.

I could probably go on and on about everything God has been laying on my heart lately, but for now I’ll just close. It’s getting late, and I’ve learned that Sundays don’t go as well if I stay up too late Saturday night. So off to bed I go – and I am certainly looking forward to tomorrow’s services. I pray that God’s presence will be very real – and that we all remember why Easter is such a big deal in the first place.

Happy Resurrection Sunday – He is Risen!!!

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