Bible College Miracle #1

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God has provided our first Bible College miracle today.

We’ve been trying to sell our old van for a long time now, and today I got a call. “Is the van still for sale?” After I said yes, they said that the buyer would be by our house in the next 10 minutes or so. Wow!

Less than three hours after that phone call, the buyer had paid us and was back here to pick up the van.

What gets me the most is how God provided. The amount the van sold for is almost exactly what we needed to pay Stephen’s first tuition payment. God is SO GOOD! We weren’t sure where the money would come from, though we knew from experience that God would provide it. God’s timing is perfect!

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2 thoughts on “Bible College Miracle #1”

  1. Jessica, that is WONDERFUL that your daughter just got saved! You are so right – our God is worthy of praise, whether it is something big or small.

  2. Isn’t it just amazing how He works?! I know that this may seem small to some, but I recently needed a few more casual skirts to wear and new clothes were just not in the budget. On the way to the library, that small voice in my head said “you haven’t been by the thrift store lately”. So I stopped. Glory to God, I found 2 skirts in my size (they NEVER have modest skirts in my size) for $3 each and they looked brand new! What A Blessing!!! My girls though I was crazy walking back down the street to our car saying “Glory to God! He is sooooo good!” I think I embarassed them, but I told them that we need to praise Him for everything. The big things and the small things are all worthy of praise. The big thing I praise Him for? My youngest daughter just got saved a few weeks ago. How wonderful He is!

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