Stephen felt the baby this morning

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Sam woke up early today because he was so excited about his birthday party. He woke up just early enough that Stephen and I were still in bed.

We decided to just lay there and see what Samuel would do when he thought we were still sleeping. He stood there for a while, and then got to his hands and knees and crawled over to the foot of the bed. Stephen and I both sat up and shouted “Boo!” at the same time.

The look on Samuel’s face was absolutely priceless. He was trying so hard not to laugh that we were laughing at him.

At that moment I realized that when I shouted, it had scared the baby in my womb. The baby had curled up into a tight little ball right at the front where it was easy to feel from the outside. I felt a little bad that we’d startled the baby, but it was neat that Stephen was able to feel the baby for the first time. What was also neat was that I was able to actually feel the baby relax after a moment too. It just amazes me how God has created life. I’m just shy of being halfway through this pregnancy (I’m just about 18 weeks now), yet the baby is developed enough to be able to hear and be startled. Wow.

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