We have heat!

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Oh wow – I am SO thankful right now!!!!

Almost a week ago, our heat and a/c unit quit working. I didn’t notice it right away – it wasn’t until it was almost 80 in the house on Wednesday that I realized that the air conditioning hadn’t been kicking on. I mentioned it to Stephen when he got home and decided to be thankful that it was going to be a cooler weekend.

Then the weekend came, and along with it, the cooler weather. When we got home from Stephen’s parents’ house Friday night, it was 57 in the house. I don’t mind it too much, but I was really worried about the boys being warm enough. That night, Stephen got up every hour to make sure the fire in the fireplace didn’t go out. I’m thankful for the fireplace – and for all the wood we have outside!

Mom and Dad loaned us a space heater the next day, and between that and keeping the fire going, we stayed warm enough. Saturday night and Sunday night Stephen repeated his get-up-every-hour routine. We stayed warm.

Sure, it was cooler in here than we would’ve liked. But it wasn’t freezing (we live in the Carolinas, after all), and we survived. Nothing a sweatshirt, and extra blanket, and a cup of hot coffee wouldn’t fix. ;O)

Today we called the repairman. It was an easy fix (it was just a blown fuse, Praise the Lord!), and didn’t cost much at all. We had both been praying that it wouldn’t cost much. Our furnace unit is old enough that we were concerned it would have to be replaced, but it didn’t.

I am so thankful! Thankful that it didn’t cost much to fix, and especially thankful for the wonderful husband I have that sacrificed his sleep for three nights so that the rest of us could stay warm. God is too good to me!

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