We certainly did get snow!

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So much for me laughing, right? We got a ton of snow last night! It’s the most we’ve had here since 2004.

Our power went out last night for a couple hours too. I’m glad it came back on. It came back on just in time too – I was starting to get a little worried about the eggs we have in the incubator. As for warmth – we were all just fine.

I haven’t been outside yet to measure the snow yet. I’m guessing there’s about 8 inches on the ground. There’s a good 6 inches on our porch railing.

Samuel is begging to go outside and play, and we’ll take him out in a little bit. I just can’t get over how beautiful it is!

snow at night
We saw a LOT of this last night. They said an inch an hour was possible – and I believe we actually got it.

out the front door

out the front door

out the front door

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4 thoughts on “We certainly did get snow!”

  1. But we like it here, where it’s (usually) warm, lol!

    Been feeling pretty good, thankfully! I’m showing already, which blows me away, but it’s worth it. Thanks for asking! How are YOU doing?

  2. That is too funny. They had a blast! Caleb is standing at the window right now, yelling because Brother is back outside and he isn’t. Guess he liked it out there too!

  3. Reminds me of Michigan 🙂 …except that we dont have snow right now…lol! The boys look like they’re having a blast!

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