This is why I homeschool

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Days like today make everything worth it.

Today Samuel’s lesson was on Nicodemus coming to Jesus. Samuel had so many questions – but it was so obvious to see he was processing what we were talking about.

When I was able to answer his questions about why a person goes to Hell and how a person can go to Heaven – that makes everything worth it. To be with my son and answer his questions myself. I’d love to be able to lead him to the Lord someday, but even if I’m not the one to actually pray with him, knowing I answered his questions about salvation is an honor.

This stay-at-home homeschooling mama thing – I love it.

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2 thoughts on “This is why I homeschool”

  1. 🙂 Having your child tell you they want to ask Jesus to forgive them of their sin and commit to following Him is the BEST thing ever! I have been priviledged to be with 4 of my children so far when they have asked me and I suppose, because I am a homeschooling Mama like you, that I will get to also be there for the next 2 (and any more after that!) Way to go Melody… sounds like he is doing great!

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