Menu Plan Monday ~ March 9

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Sunday – crockpot whole chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy
Monday – hot dogs and sweet potato home fries
Tuesday – tuna patties, mashed yellow squash (was on last week’s and it got changed, and then eaten last week anyway. Not sure what to have in its place yet. Maybe hamburgers.)
Wednesday – crock pot sloppy joes
Thursday – chicken parmesan
Friday – homemade pizza
Saturday – chicken stir fry or chicken fried rice

Breakfasts – oatmeal, eggs, biscuits, etc.

Lunches – sandwiches, soup, leftovers, etc.

We did have a lot of chicken on the menu this week (well, we still do), but I’ve been dealing with a lot of food aversions lately. The worst of it seems to be chicken. It’s not just eating it though – seeing it raw, smelling it cooking, and eating it all have been bothersome for me. I may still go ahead and make it this week, but I may not. We’ll see. It wasn’t a problem when I was pregnant with Caleb, so this is definitely a new adventure for me.

I’m also going to post last week’s menu this week. I forgot to post it last week, and this way I’ll be able to find it when I plan more menus later.

Sunday – leftovers
Monday – taco salad
Tuesday – potato soup
Wednesday – spaghetti, tossed salads
Thursday – black bean soup (this was a real letdown – I’m trying to figure out how to make the leftovers palatable!)
Friday – homemade pizza
Saturday – chicken and artichoke casserole, brown rice, green peas

You can read more menu plans over at Organizing Junkie.

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