Meet the mighty Samson

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I came home from a ladies’ meeting Saturday afternoon and was greeted by the newest member of our little farm.

Meet the mighty Samson. He is one week old.

Samson the goat

He is a full-blooded Saanen – a breed we’ve been wanting due to their high milk production. Stephen found a local farm that was selling the males at an amazing price, so while I was gone, he went and bought this little guy. The two dark spots on his head are where they disbudded his horns (I believe the process is similar to cauterizing).

He is the friendliest little goat, and absolutely loves people. He follows Stephen around like a little puppy. I teased Stephen, telling him that Samson thinks he’s “Maaaaaammy” LOL! He really does though, but that’s because Stephen’s been the one to bottlefeed him every time.

Isn’t he a cutie?

Samson the goat

Now we just need to find a female Saanen. . .

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5 thoughts on “Meet the mighty Samson”

  1. He is cute – but I can’t believe how fast he’s grown in just a week. This little guy looks like he’s going to be a biiig goat!

  2. Lol Carolyn. You are so right! And he is definitely Stephen’s little pet – follows him around like a puppy!

    Heather, any time! We just picked up 32 chicks today too, so we have plenty for her to see here too!

  3. He is so cute!!! We need to bring Emi to see him. Her school is selling chicks for $1.50. They got eggs from a parent and 2 grades hatched them for a sicence project/experiment. Now that they have hatched, they are selling them. Emi begged for one!

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