Making cookies

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Chocolate chip cookies are the best. I’m waiting for the last pan to come out of the oven right now. After that, I need to get far, far away from the cooling cookies.

The recipe I used is Chocolate Chip Wheat Cookies. I made some modifications this time though – partly due to what we had in the house. :O)

The first change I made was to use butter. We don’t use margarine any more, so that was an easy switch in this recipe.

Instead of vanilla (we’re out), I tried almond flavoring. It was surprisingly good. It was the one change I wasn’t sure we’d like, but it was good.

I also used only half the Splenda blend that it called for, and used regular brown sugar for the rest. Actually, I used 2/3 cup regular brown sugar, because the Splenda brown sugar blend uses only half the amount for the same amount of sweetness.

There is so much controversy about artificial sweeteners and how they affect our bodies. The more I read, the less I’m convinced we need to be consuming so much! So I used less this time, and used real sugar (which also amazes me what it does to our bodies). I will try my best to limit how many cookies I eat. The only things that will make it easier are the three guys in my house who like cookies and the fact that I don’t want to gain 45 pounds with this pregnancy like I did with Caleb.

Anyway – just wanted to share the modifications I made – because they turned out really yummy!

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