Garden plans

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We’re hoping to do a really big garden this year, but it’ll be limited in size due to what Stephen can till up around his work schedule. I can’t control our tiller – no matter how hard I try, it digs holes instead of rows.

Here’s a list of what we’re planning for this coming year:

strawberries – 49 plants
red raspberries – 3 bushes
blackberries – 3 bushes
broccoli – like to do at least 20 plants
tomatoes – 20 or so of these too. I have 2 red brandywine and 2 yellow already. The rest – a mix of Romas for canning and some Better Boy or similar for eating fresh
green bell peppers – 9 plants
sweet red bell peppers – 2 or 3 plants
yellow squash – not more than 3 hills
zucchini – 2 – 3 hills
pickling cucumbers – lots – maybe 5 or so hills
green beans
pumpkin – 3 hills or so

In a separate garden:

We may expand it some for extras for the in-laws. They’re in town and don’t have room like we do. We’ll see, it depends on what they decide.

Looking at it all typed out, it sounds like a lot. It is pretty good sized (guessing it’s about 20 feet by 40 feet long right now). But we just love it during summer when we eat tons and tons of produce!

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