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We have six new peeping critters in our house. :O) Four quail hatched over the weekend, and the chicken chicks started today. One hatched out as I was getting ready to lay down for a nap, and another just hatched. After seeing the tiny little quail, the chicks look huge, but the one that just hatched really is big. They’re so cute! I just love hearing them “beep-beep-beep” from inside the incubator. Except when I’m trying to sleep at night, but that’s a different story, lol!

The UPS man also brought us a box of plants that we ordered. Strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. It’s a first for us growing any of them so we’re pretty excited. Stephen went out to start tilling the garden today because the strawberries won’t last long in their packaging. It was absolutely beautiful outside today, and I had forgotten what a comforting sound it is to hear the tiller outside.

What seems really crazy is knowing that exactly one week ago I was blogging about all the snow, and today it was 82 out and we’re working on our garden. Weird. On the other hand, last week was unusually cold, and today was a bit warmer than usual.

The Farmer’s Service Center where we buy our plants and feed has had several veggies outside already. The man that runs it said he’s even been leaving them out overnight. That was before we got the snow, but that’s beside the point. It just amazes me that it’s the second week of March and the cold-tolerant plants can already be set out. We’re going to be pretty selective of what we put in the ground this early, but the berries that arrived today are all fine to go out now.

Year before last, we had a really hard frost in April that wiped out most of our garden. As much as we’d love to get started early, we don’t want to chance losing plants.

Oh – and one more thing before I forget. Our pastor’s wife started some veggie plants inside with her girls as a science project (they homeschool too). They had so many seeds sprout that they brought me some. There are a few heirloom tomato plants and some herbs. I’ve been wanting to try some heirloom tomatoes, and the herbs will really fill out the herb garden we started last year. They look so nice in my kitchen window – now if they can just keep growing that well until it’s warm enough for them to go outside!

herbs growing in the kitchen windowsill

herbs growing in the kitchen windowsill

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