Even more pictures

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We all went outside and played in the snow for a while. Samuel was thrilled to be outside.

excited Samuel

Caleb wasn’t too sure what to think of all the snow. He was fine until Samuel tackled him, but even then, he calmed down pretty quickly.

Caleb in the snow

I couldn’t resist taking more pictures of the trees. These may be nothing special to those of you who see snow regularly. But it is so strikingly beautiful to me. It is one of the things that I do miss about living in the North. I love looking at the snow (now the living and driving in it, not so much, lol!). The sun makes everything sparkle, and everything was so beautiful and glistening. Brenda said it well in one of her comments – “I think sunshine really is the variable that makes a day wonderful.” I definitely agree!

snowy treetops in our woods
This was in our woods, just looking upward.

the view out front

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