Budgeting envelopes

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We’ve gone to paying cash for nearly everything. I was using regular letter envelopes in my purse for different categories, but got tired of them getting so beat up and ratty-looking so quickly.

Then I saw this envelope system on Etsy. It’s absolutely beautiful! I’d love to have one, but couldn’t justify buying one right now when I have a ton of fabric scraps and zippers in my back closet.

So yesterday I dug out my box of scraps and picked out a few. I didn’t make the bigger outer envelope or wallet like the Etsy listing had; I just made the inner envelopes. These are just a tiny bit bigger than a regular envelope, and they zip all the way across the top. No more lost coins!


These are for groceries, clothing, fun money, and animal feed and garden supplies. I may make more as time goes on, but haven’t decided yet. The only envelopes that actually stay in my purse are the ones I need for each particular outing – which also helps with any temptation to spend.

It took some adjusting to go to spending cash, but it’s really been worth it!

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6 thoughts on “Budgeting envelopes”

  1. What a great idea! I like both sets.

    I use cash for my groceries/household expenses, but I don’t usually separate funds out. I just have a weekly budget for everything. It works for me. 🙂 But if I were doing the envelope system, I would definitely make something like this!

  2. Thanks, Jenna!

    Christina – they are lovely. I got to use one for the first time today, and it was so much more pleasant to pull a pretty pink envelope out of my purse instead of a battered paper one.

    Erin – come on over. Sam would LOVE the company, and it would be so fun!!!!

  3. What a wonderful idea! We did the envelope system once before and have been thinking of doing it, again. I’ll have to remember this idea. I just love the cloth ones! ~ Christina

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