And even more chicks

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Today the boys and I drove up toward Statesville to pick up some new chicks. It was a fairly long drive, but we actually made it home by lunchtime.

Some of Stephen’s work days he drives over an hour and a half one way. Today’s drive for me was like that, and I have no idea how Stephen handles it so well on a regular basis. The boys and I were VERY glad to get home today!

It was hilarious listening to the chicks chirp on the ride home. I don’t think they like my driving. :O) But then again, if I were a day old and closed in a box with just some vent holes to see out of – I’d probably be scared too feeling the constant movement of a vehicle.

When we got them home and into the brood box where we keep them the first few days, we discovered they had put one extra of each breed in the box. Works for me!

It’s kind of funny actually. We just put the other chicks outside a couple days ago, and now we have 32 more in the house. This brings us to somewhere around 80 chickens (wow – sounds insane to actually type that out!). Carolyn, did you ever think you’d see me say something like that? Me, the only member of a 4-H poultry club who DIDN’T have poultry in high school?

Our main layers are getting just old enough that it was time to buy babies to replace them. These should start laying right around the time the older ones start to slow down. In theory, it should work out quite well.

Now I’m just hoping that hearing the little “beep, beep, beep” x 32 won’t keep us awake at night. They can get pretty loud sometimes, but so far they haven’t been too bad.

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3 thoughts on “And even more chicks”

  1. Ooooh are there pictures? I live vicariously through pictures,lol, we can’t have chickens or any other farm animal where we live. Honestly I don’t know how a few chickens in a coop and fenced chicken yard could possibly be that upsetting to the neighborhood but alas my vote doesn’t count.

  2. Trixi, we do sell them. Right now the girls are laying around a dozen a day. Some days we get as few as 8 or 9, other days we get 14. It works out well. There’s as many as we can use for ourselves, and then plenty for those around us who want them.

  3. Wow, 80 chickens, you must sell the eggs. I have 12 chickens and just bought 7 more day olds. With just our 12, I have more eggs than I can handle. We too, love raising the babies.

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