Caleb is walking

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Caleb is absolutely cruising everywhere now! He just decided one day that he was going to walk more than the 3-4 steps he’d been taking. It is SO cute to watch his little walk, especially since he still walks with his hands up for balance.

It sure is fun around here. My boys sure do keep me on my toes!

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4 thoughts on “Caleb is walking”

  1. Lori, thank you! We are very excited. I’m hoping to put up a little update post sometime soon, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Thanks again though!

  2. Okay! I am a blonde after all… I found your post back in February. I’ll be praying for you and this tiny little one. God is so good!

  3. Melody, Did I miss something? I was reading through your About Me – and saw another little one on the way. I went back through some of the older post, but did not see it. If I miss it…Congratulations!

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