New clothes for Stephen

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God answers prayers in the neatest ways sometimes.

Today the phone rang. “I have some clothes here that might fit Stephen. You can come look through them and see.”

We all hopped in the van and headed over there. It was so pretty today that the drive was a lot of fun in itself! While we were driving, I prayed for one thing – a white dress shirt in Stephen’s size. He’s been needing a new one for a while, but I hadn’t found one for him yet.

When we got there, there were far more clothes than I had expected. Stephen had come with us, so he headed to try some on that I wasn’t sure would fit him.

I am absolutely flabbergasted at the amount of clothes that came home with us! There were many button-down dress shirts, a lot of polos, some dress pants, a bunch of jeans and t-shirts, a sportcoat and even a suit. These aren’t cheap clothes either – it’s name brands like Van Huesen, Croft and Barrow, and Old Navy. Nice clothes. The box was so heavy I couldn’t lift it by myself.

The thing that really blessed me was that not only was there a long-sleeved white shirt in Stephen’s size, but there was a short-sleeved white shirt in there too. I hadn’t really been praying that God would send us new dress clothes for Stephen yet, because what he had was adequate. But it sure was fun tonight taking his older clothes out of the closet that were starting to look a bit worn. I’ve been replacing things a few at a time, but his part of the closet got a major overhaul today.

God answered my little prayer today, but met our needs in a big way. And to the one that gave us the clothes (you know who you are!), thank you for letting God use you to bless us today!

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2 thoughts on “New clothes for Stephen”

  1. That’s so neat. Do you have it up yet? It must look really pretty.

    I do need to hem the pants of the suit today – Stephen didn’t tell me they were that long and so he pinned them up and wore them that way. It was crazy – the pants were a good 5 inches too long, at least. Thankfully that’s an easy fix!

  2. Don’t you just love when he Lord answers just little prayers. I have been looking for a door for my compuer room. I wanted one that looked like a french door. We have been looking and looking. I told DH that it will be some where someday just when we can afford it. And there it was. Just right and cheap!! I love it when the Lord just gives you the littles things.

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