Now a bee mystery

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This winter has not been good for our beehives. Our hive Grace died early this winter. A week or two ago, we discovered that our other hive Mercy had died. We started looking to replace the bees but hadn’t done anything other than research yet.

Today Stephen came home from work and just pointed at our hives. From the looks of things, a swarm found the empty hive bodies and is trying to move in. There were bees absolutely everywhere.

Stephen is doing research right now, trying to figure out exactly what’s happening. Even though we’ve kept bees (or tried to) for a year and a half, we’re still very much new to this. Our bee mentor moved to Florida quite a while ago, so even though we can talk to him (thankfully!) via phone and email, it’s not like he can come over and just take a look.

Honestly, we probably would’ve given up by now, if it weren’t for the huge difference the bees made in our garden last year. Since we were already planning on buying a package of bees, this is really a blessing. A 3-pound package of bees runs anywhere from $60 and up (I still find it funny that you buy bees by the pound. Go figure).

So now we wait and see. Things have really calmed down around the hive now, so we’re really hoping the bees have moved in and are here to stay.

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3 thoughts on “Now a bee mystery”

  1. Kimberly, that’s what we were thinking of doing.

    Lori, we never did figure out why they seem to be switched. It’s weird!

    Unfortunately, it seems that they weren’t moving in after all – it looks more like they robbed our hive. It’s not a surprise since it happened last year, just not to this extent. I’m disappointed, but not shocked.

  2. This is interesting! This is something, that I did not know would happen. Kinda like a bird’s nest. I love reading about your bees.

    Did you ever figure out what happened with your hen and rooster situation? I’m still giggling over that one. It really must have been an eye opener!

  3. My uncle raises bees. A wild colony took over 1 or 2 of his hives. They were a different color (black) and were a tad more aggressive (not a lot). He ended up just getting those bees a box of their own and moving his hives to another part of his yard.

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