When church services are good

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We had a youth meeting yesterday at our church. There were quite a few area churches that were invited. It was incredible. Three preachers were called from the floor to preach, as well as the scheduled preacher. The meeting went for about 4 1/2 hours, and then we ate.

It was so refreshing. There was a lot that I needed to hear from each of the messages. Then in between preaching, different groups of teens sang and played their instruments. In a day where so few teens seem to have a desire to serve God, it blessed me immensely to see teens up front, singing, and showing that what they were doing was REAL to them.

But then today in church – it was still good. Not that it’s not good at our church – it always is – it’s just that God gave our preacher messages today that I badly needed to hear.

I just love it when you go to church and the message touches you – like getting a long drink of water on a hot day.

I can’t wait until Wednesday! Hopefully our pastor’s wife has recordings of the messages on Saturday. I don’t know if they were recorded or not, but I sure hope so!

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3 thoughts on “When church services are good”

  1. I love the feeling when I am able to walk out of a church, knowing that I was blessed from what went on during the service.

    I wanted to tell you that we are probably going to be attending 1 service for the camp meeting in Inman. Then for the missions conference, we may be there for several days. We were accepted to the Global Fundamental Baptist Missions, and they are helping us line up more meetings. So dates and places may change.

  2. Brenda, that’s great you enjoyed church there! I know we always enjoy it when Mom and Dad visit – you must really be enjoying your visit there.

    You are right, our church is very conservative. It has a similar feel to the way Alto did years ago (I haven’t been there recently so I don’t know about now), but it is more conservative. We absolutely love our church.

    Enjoy the rest of your visit at Kristen’s!

  3. Melody, It sounds like you were very blessed this weekend. We had a blessing at church with Kristen yesterday too. The message will stay with me for a long time. You must be in a very conservative church. We enjoy contemporary worship but there must be room in Christianity for both.

    Have a great week.

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