Went to a wedding today

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Today a friend of mine got married. She was a beautiful bride. I had the honor of playing for the wedding. I’ve played for many weddings through the years, and it’s always fun to see how each wedding is so different. This wedding had a bit of a first for me – it was the first time I’d ever been asked to sing a solo during a wedding. That was scary! It went well, but I was a bit nervous about it.

It’s funny – after so many weddings, you’d think that I wouldn’t still get nervous, but I do. I imagine things like forgetting a part during the Wedding March or something. It always goes well though, thankfully!

The bride’s mother asked me to make some cream cheese mints for the reception. They turned out really cute. Once the pictures are on the computer, I’ll post them.

It was also interesting today because both boys came with me, and Stephen wasn’t there to watch them. Samuel was so funny during the reception. He noticed that there were TWO cakes and he certainly wanted some. The groom’s cake had little toy construction equipment on it (which they actually gave Sam when they cut the cake), and he’s been asking me ever since if I’ll make him a cake just like that for his next birthday. It was cute.

It’s just barely past 9 p.m. yet somehow it feels so much later. This has been one long week. Our car is at the mechanic’s house right now, so we can’t go anywhere tomorrow. After being so busy, I can’t say that I mind too much. A whole day of going nowhere sounds absolutely lovely.

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  1. Thank you! Tomorrow won’t be a relaxing day though since we have an appointment and lessons. It shouldn’t be bad though.

    Thanks anyway!

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