Menu plan Tuesday

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Ok, so I haven’t been that great at menu planning lately. We’ve paid for it too by spending a lot more time at 5pm wondering what supper is supposed to be that night. This week I actually sat down and worked on a menu plan again. I didn’t get it posted on Monday, but that’s ok. The menu plan is actually done through the end of next week so I’m happy.

Sunday – leftovers
Monday – sweet and sour chicken and fried rice (leftovers from the school)
Tuesday – cream cheese ranch chicken
Wednesday – hamburgers with homemade buns
Thursday – rehearsal dinner for me, not sure for Stephen and the boys
Friday – homemade pizza (this will be a nice relaxing evening after the wedding that afternoon)
Saturday – chili cheese fries

Breakfasts will be eggs, oatmeal, baked oatmeal, sausage, bacon, granola, or biscuits and gravy. Lunches will be sandwiches, soup, tortilla wraps or quesadillas, or leftovers.

You can view more menu plans here at Organizing Junkie.

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4 thoughts on “Menu plan Tuesday”

  1. Thanks! We got in the habit of planning every 2 weeks because my husband gets paid every two weeks. This way I only have to grocery shop for one main trip. Sometimes I have to make another quick run for milk or whatever, but this works well for us.

  2. Your menu sounds good. I should really get back in the habit of making weekly menu plans. I usually think of what I would like for dinner the evening before bedtime & then take out the meat or whatever I need for the following day. I will put the meat in a bowl in the fridge to thaw out overnight. The following morning if it still needs to thaw out more I place it on my defroster.

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