Butterscotch cheesecake

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Oh wow. The cheesecake tastes SO good. All I did was add about half a bag of melted chocolate chips to a basic cheesecake batter. I didn’t make a crust for it, and baked it in a heart-shaped pan.

The chocolate hardened more than I would’ve liked, but it’s a nice flavor contrast to the butterscotch. Overall, the flavor is wonderful.

I get about .001 points for presentation though – even though I buttered the pan, it does NOT come out easily. It comes out more in bite-sized pieces than a nice slice. Next time it would be better if the pan were lined since I don’t have a springform pan.

Here’s the recipe I used: Philadephia 3-Step Cheesecake.

Good thing it tastes good, because it sure does look funny!

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