Blue eggs

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Last year when we ordered chicks, we ordered some Araucana/Ameraucana chicks. They lay colored eggs, and I wanted some. Well, here it is, a year later, and the only hen that survived is now laying eggs. They’re the prettiest shade of light blue.

I tried to take a few pictures this morning to post here, but somehow a little helper of mine kept putting a toy lizard in the pictures. :laugh_tb:

blue eggs

This morning I placed an order for 15 more Araucana/Ameraucana straight run chicks. I would prefer almost all hens, but ordered the mix so that we could have a few roosters too. I just hope that we don’t get all roosters and only 1 or 2 hens! We have an area where we can put the two together for some “purebred” eggs to incubate. . .in our own small efforts to perpetuate the breeds we prefer without having to order more each year. Since these are a cross breed, I’m not 100% sure how it it will work out, but it will be fun trying.

I had to laugh though. Stephen’s love of animals has corrupted rubbed off on me. I used my play money to order more chickens! We’ll probably place a bigger order later for more birds, but I wanted to order the “fun” birds while I had the extra money. The idea of being able to sell colored eggs by the dozen is nice too. :O)

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  1. Jessica, you’re so right. They are addicting! We’d love to let ours free range, but there’s too many strays in the neighborhood. They wouldn’t stay alive for very long!

  2. Chickens are so addicting!!! We have 5 Americaunas, 5 Barred Rocks, 8 Buff Orpingtons and 2 “Barred Orpingtons”……(Our only rooster is a Barred Rock) We LOVE them! We let ours freerange so if you are outsid they follow you all over the place. The Orpingtons are the friendliest. Loved reading your “fowl” post!

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