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We found out recently that Stephen’s dad has cancer. This is a big blow to our family, but especially to his mom. She just lost her brother to lymphoma, and now Dad was diagnosed with it one month (almost to the day) after Uncle William passed away.

Dad started his chemo last week. He had a reaction to it, but seems to be doing well now. Other than being tired, of course.

With the boys and I having colds, I’ve missed being over there spending time with them. I just can’t justify exposing Dad to it though, so we’ve stayed away.

Hopefully we’ll be able to go over there this weekend. Dad’s birthday is Thursday, and Stephen’s is Friday. Guess we’ll see!

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5 thoughts on “Tough news”

  1. Kelly, I’m so glad you like your pendant. I love mine! That’s so sweet that Rachel likes it too!!!!

    We did enjoy it. It was good seeing you again!

  2. Happy Birthday Stephen!

    Melody I LOVE the “Mama’s” Birthstone Pendant! Rachael liked it, too! And she said…Oh look they are in order of our birthdays!!!

    It REALLY is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks!

    Love Ya,


    P.S. Thanks for coming last night, hope y’all enjoyed it!

  3. Oh Melody,

    I am SO sorry to hear about your father in Law. I will put him on my prayer list as well as his Mama! I pray you and the boys get better soon!

    Love Ya,


  4. Thanks, Beth. FIL’s cancer is MALT lymphoma. It’s one of the “good” kinds to get, if there is one. Honestly, I know almost nothing about cancer. My best friend is an oncology nurse though, so she’s been VERY helpful in answering our questions!

  5. Oh Melody. I’m so sorry. I’ll be praying for your FIL. My grandfather had non hodgkins lymphoma and has done really well. Been in remission for 5 years. I’ll be praying for the same with you FIL. ((((Melody))))

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