No goat babies

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I am really disappointed. Our goat Sasha did kid overnight, but her baby was born still. She was a pretty little thing.

Then this morning, Sephina kidded too. She had two so far, and we think there’s another one in there too. Unfortunately, she went too early and her babies were born still as well.

We had noticed recently that our billy was really beating up on the girls and head butting them a lot. We’ve been trying to keep him away from the nannies more, but apparently his violent behavior cost Sephina her triplets. They were really small, and still had a couple weeks to go.

Stephen buried the babies before he left for work this morning. I’ll be in and out today, trying to keep an eye on the girls. I really don’t think Sephina is done, and I want to make sure Sasha is ok.

We really love our goats. They have such sweet personalities. It really bothers me that of three babies born this morning, we lost all of them. I know that happens sometimes, but I still don’t like it.

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4 thoughts on “No goat babies”

  1. Karen – it was a real shock. The first nannie was in labor so long that it wasn’t too much of a shock to see her baby dead (her last baby was a really difficult labor as well). But to go back out later and see ‘Fina’s two babies delivered way too early – now that was hard.

    What was really pitiful was watching ‘Fina try and wake her babies up. It just made me want to love on the girls a little bit more.

    Stephen’s out checking on them right now. AND – now that they’ve delivered, they’re producing milk – which means getting them re-acclimated to the milking process. It all just seems cruel with their babies gone.

    It makes me kind of upset with our billy. We’re pretty sure his rough behavior is what caused it. You better believe we’re changing things around so that it can’t happen again!

  2. Lori – I wasn’t all that sold on them when we got our first one. But then she had a kid (she was pregnant when we got her and we didn’t know it!). . .and then we got a billy. . .and now – I love our goats. The girls are real sweeties!

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