New bread machine

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Years ago, I had a bread machine. Then Stephen bought me a stand mixer for Christmas. I used the mixer so much that I eventually gave away the bread machine.

Then last year, I broke my mixer. For some reason, stand mixers don’t like it when you jam plastic spoons in between the dough hooks.

I went back to mixing bread by hand. I’ve been able to get bread so inexpensively with coupons recently that I haven’t been making it much. But the few times I have, I’ve really missed my mixer.

Then I got together with my friend OldPathsMom. She had found a bread machine at Goodwill for under $4, so she bought it. Since she already had a bread machine, she gave the new one to me.

I tried it tonight. It squeaks a little bit, but that should be easily remedied. I am so thankful for it!

The recipe I tried in it is a multigrain recipe made with our honey and quail eggs, olive oil, oats, oat and wheat flour, but no white flour. It’s got great flavor but it’s always had a rough texture. I’ve been playing with the recipe for over a year, trying to get it absolutely perfect. That’s why I’ve not ever posted it here because it hasn’t been ready to share yet.

Now, with the bread machine, it kneaded it so well that it felt every bit as soft as a loaf of white dough. I wanted to make breadsticks with it, so I took the dough out after the knead cycle. The flavor was fantastic, the texture was great, and the breadsticks turned out wonderfully.

I’m happy to have a bread machine again!

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4 thoughts on “New bread machine”

  1. OH YAY! It works! Sorry about the squeak 🙂 I’m glad it works!!! I hadn’t read your blog in a while (you know, that self-absorbed thing) so I’m just now seeing this.

    I love the zippered bag – you’ll have to show me how to do a proper zipper. I have so much trouble with them!

    So glad your youth meeting went well and Sunday too. We had one of those services too. Preacher said something about how sometimes we need to stop begging God for things and just focus on praising Him. Amen!

    Will ttyl!

  2. Susan, I need to sit down and type it out, hopefully in a somewhat legible format. It works for me, but I’m not sure how it will work for others in a bread machine.

    Lori, I don’t bake in mine either, for that reason. A Bosch sounds wonderful! Maybe someday we can get one for our home…

    That breadmaker helps SO much with the kneading though! Just dump in ingredients, and out comes dough! How lovely, lol!

  3. I love my bread machine. I don’t bake in it, since I like for my bread to look and feel like bread. I’m praying for a Bosch mixer. Until I get it, I’ll be kneading my bread in the machine.

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