It's time we started looking for a new vehicle

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Stephen and I have been looking for a new vehicle for me. We’ve been doing our research, but haven’t made a final decision yet. We haven’t been in too much of a hurry. Today’s adventures with my van may have just sped things up a bit though.

The boys and I had some running in town to do today. We had just left the house when the van wouldn’t shift easily into higher gear – so I called Stephen just to give him a little bit of notice unless he needed to leave work to come get me. It stopped doing it though, so we kept on running errands.

The boys were surprisingly tolerant when we went into several different stores looking for a couple pieces of clothing for me. Then we headed to church to redo a bulletin board. We were almost there when I noticed the “Service Engine Soon” light had come on. I pulled into the church parking lot and stopped, right as smoke started to from the hood. It was so hot that I didn’t even mess with it. I left it closed and called Stephen again, letting him know what had happened and that he needed to come get me.

There is apparently a leak somewhere, and my radiator had completely run dry while we were driving. I am very thankful we even made it to church!

The van has been a good vehicle. It’s an ’89 Chevy Astro van. We bought it for $1 four years ago (how’s that for God providing???). We moved to Indiana with it, and took several trips back and forth from the Carolinas to IN and MI both in it. That van now has 293,700 miles on it – and still has the original engine in it. It’s a giant blue tank that ROARS when you start it up, but it’s been a good vehicle.

That said, I am certainly looking forward to driving something newer soon!

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  1. I hope yall find what yall need! I’ve been looking in our adds at work so I’ll let you know if I see anything interesting!

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