Ice cream

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We’ve done really well lately, sticking to South Beach. I’ve lost all of the weight I gained during all the December craziness and while we were at my mom’s.

I have a chest cold, so Stephen went out tonight to get me some more cough medicine. He stopped at the grocery store after getting my meds and came home with ice cream as well. Chocolate Moose Tracks, to be exact. My FAVORITE. It is simply the BEST ice cream, ever.

Not South Beach friendly. But I sacrificed and ate some anyway. And the best part was the HUGE chunk of fudge that he left for me.

I hope I didn’t negate all the healthy eating I did this week, but I don’t feel good, and that stuff is what comfort food is made of.

Unfortunately for me, everyone else in the house likes it too. I give it 3 days. It would be a shock if it lasted any longer than that around here.


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6 thoughts on “Ice cream”

  1. I’ve never had the Denali brand, lol. The brand Stephen bought last night was the store brand (Food Lion). It’s actually the only place where I’ve ever seen the chocolate moose tracks. Weird, huh?

    But I so agree – YUM.

  2. Melody – I love Moose Tracks! Most of our stores around here doesn’t carry the Denali brand, but they carry Mayfield. Yum!!!!

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