I think we have an answer

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Stephen’s been doing research this morning. We think we figured out the problem with our goats.

Moldy hay.

We had brought some hay home not long ago. We kept it covered, and did our best to keep it dry. Apparently it had gotten wet before we brought it home. It wasn’t moldy then, so we fed it to our goats. I guess in our efforts to keep it dry we must’ve helped damp hay grow mold.

This just makes me sick. It cost us the life of 5 goats this week, even though we TRIED to keep it dry so it wouldn’t mold. We even bought a brand new tarp to keep over it instead of using one that we already had (because they were all old and had holes in them).

Wow. I feel terrible about this. We tried so hard, and they still died. *sigh*

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3 thoughts on “I think we have an answer”

  1. Susan, thanks!

    Laura, we had three – two does and a billy. The billy seems to be doing fine. It’s just strange to think that at the beginning of the week we had 3 goats, we lost 5, and now only have 1. We’re not sure what we’re going to do now.

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