Cheap chocolate

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The other day when I was grocery shopping at Walmart, I noticed that the Nestle chocolate chips were marked 2 for $2. I grabbed a few bags. The cheapest I’ve seen them lately has been $1.48, so I was happy to find some for $1. They rang up $.56 each. I don’t know why, but I’ll take it.

We went back to Walmart today to return a few things and get the rest of the groceries I didn’t have a chance to get last week. The chocolate chips were still $.56 a bag. We bought half a dozen more.

Now my freezer has a good 10 bags of chocolate chips in there. I’m so happy! We use them sometimes to calm a chocolate craving without eating too much chocolate in one sitting. We’re set for a while now.

That was really fun to find chocolate chips so cheap – and to find a name brand that cheap was even better.

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4 thoughts on “Cheap chocolate”

  1. I did the same thing. I bought one for pancakes and notice it rang up that way and went back and got more for me to eat yum. That was a great deal!

  2. It might have been – there were a TON of cases of chocolate chips so it might have been overstock from Christmas. Either way, I’m thankful!

    Cupcake liners – I need to get some of those really soon.

  3. I know our Walmart had the holiday baking goods on clearance…maybe they were part of that? THey didn’t have any chocolate chips at my store, though. I did get some cupcake liners pretty cheap, though.

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