Microfiber in cloth diapers

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Microfiber in cloth diapers is wonderful. A couple weeks ago, we picked up some microfiber cloths to use as inserts in our cloth diapers. What a difference! It’s trimmer (a HUGE plus!) and seems to hold every bit as much wetness as the cotton inserts did, if not more.

Not only that, apparently one thing we needed to do that we weren’t doing is fold the elastic edges in on the diapers. When I made them, too much of the flannel rolled to the outside edge. It caused a lot of wicking and just as much frustration with wet clothes.

Now we roll the edges in (the next time I sew cloth diapers, if they’re Rita’s Rump Pockets like these were, I’ll be more careful!), and between that and the microfiber, our leaks have been cut down drastically.

I am so much happier with our diaper system – and it was a relatively easy fix!

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