Not a good week for our animals

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This has not been a good week around here for our animals.

Earlier in the week, both our does kidded, and all three babies died. It happens, we buried them, and didn’t give it a lot more thought.

Today when Stephen got home from work, he noticed that there were no bees flying around our hive Grace. He opened it up, and sure enough, the hive didn’t survive the winter. We had suspected that it might happen – the hive wasn’t that strong – but we fed the bees all winter and tried to help them along. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it.

After that was the worst though. Stephen headed down to feed the animals, and discovered that our goat Sephina had died. She’s the one that had twins the other day. It was a total shock! She seemed to have recovered well from the birth – but apparently something was wrong that we never suspected.

I will miss her. She was such a “people goat.” She was the one that always walked up to people so they’d pet her. She was the one that was born here. Samuel came running in the house crying when he saw her. “Mommy! Fina’s dead! She was a good goat!” We will all miss her.

It’s been a very puzzling week here, that’s for sure. I just hope the rest of our animals stay ok!

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