Sasha is kidding

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Stephen went outside today to check on our animals, and came inside to tell me that one of our nannies is kidding. We’ve known she was due soon, but she sure did pick an awfully cold day to go into labor!

I’m sure they’ll be ok. Sasha is a good mama goat. Her last one is a real sweetie – and actually, Sephina is pregnant and due soon too. How fun!

I am a little bit nervous for her though. The last kid she had was too large for her (she’s a pygmy goat and had been bred to a full-size goat when we got her. That baby today is bigger than she is). Even though we know the daddy this time is a pygmy, we’re really hoping for a trouble-free labor. But we remember how it was last time and it’s hard not to worry a little bit.

We won’t be keeping these babies though. We only have room for 3 goats we do have. As much as we’d love to keep them, we can’t.

Hopefully I’ll be posting soon with pictures!

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