Growing boys

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Samuel and Caleb ready for church
These two boys sure do melt this mama’s heart!

Aren’t they handsome? :wub_tb:

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7 thoughts on “Growing boys”

  1. They are SO cute, Melody! I need to update mine with the girls! But not of me till I lose some weight!!! Do you know I weigh more now then when I was pregnant!!! 🙁 UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love Ya,


  2. Michelle, I think your heart would grow. At least mine did – my 2 boys and their daddy. . .wow. Melt my heart! But thanks!

    Beth – thank you! Those dimples are straight from Daddy. In fact, he pretty much looks nothing like me, lol. He is definitely his daddy made over.

  3. Those are some handsome boys. I only have one boy, and he melts my heart, too. I can’t imagine if I had more…would I have any heart left?

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