What a husband!

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I am so spoiled. My husband is the greatest.

Our little Caleb is sick. I’m the only pianist at our church that plays for services. There are a couple of teen girls that play, but they’re not ready to play for the song services yet. Since there’s nobody at church to replace me if I stay home, Stephen stayed home with Caleb today while Samuel and I went to church.

What a day. Since he was home all day, Stephen did a lot of things for me that really make me feel spoiled.
*made me breakfast
*had lunch on the stove and the table set when we got home from church. Lunch was delicious – venison cubed steak, country gravy, brown rice, and steamed mixed veggies.
*had my favorite quilt waiting on the bed for me after lunch so I could take a nap, and then came in the room to tuck me in once I laid down
*washed lunch dishes
*made supper
*made a mug of coffee for me to take on the drive to the evening service
*finished getting Samuel ready so I could get myself ready faster

Stephen makes me feel so spoiled sometimes! I don’t deserve it – but I sure am thankful for a husband like mine! :wub_tb:

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