Learning his letters

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Samuel has done a fantastic job learning his letters. There are only a couple more that he hasn’t learned at this point. The other day, we introduced the letter v.

I had just set the letter and picture card on the table when he saw it. Sometimes, instead of saying the letter name, he says the sound instead. That’s what he said this time.

“Capital Vuh, little vuh. Vuh says vuh, vuh, vuh as in GUITAR!”

At that point I realized he had never seen a picture of a violin before. It sure was funny though.

All silliness aside, he is doing very well with phonics. He is even starting to read three letter words. I’m thrilled with his progress. Watching him as he starts to make the connection between seeing letters and actually reading words is priceless.

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3 thoughts on “Learning his letters”

  1. isn’t it amazing to see them make this transformation? E is reading books and does a pretty good job of doing it herself. It used to be when we went somewhere and she saw a sign I had to read it to her. Now she is sounding it out at the very least. SOmetimes she just up and says “hey that says ______!” It’s so exciting!

  2. My son used to replace the names of the letters with the sounds when he was 3 and 4 too. He would especially do this with letter g. Now, he is a most excellent reader!

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