Finishing gifts

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Wow – making gifts is keeping me busy!

I worked on jewelry off and on all day yesterday. There were some orders that needed finishing up, and I had a few gifts that I was making for family members too.

I’ve been making a lot of these pendants lately.
Mama's Darlings : Sterling Silver Mother's Birthstone Pendant

The one in the picture is mine, but I’ve really enjoyed seeing the different birthstone combinations in everyone else’s. I hope that my family members that receive them will like theirs!

After the boys go to bed, I’ve also been working on their John Deere pajamas. I’m trying to figure out how to post a picture without Samuel seeing it – he’s usually nearby when I’m on the computer. They turned out SO cute! Samuel’s are almost completely done – I just need to sew on some buttons. Caleb’s are cut out, but that’s it. Then I have two pairs of flannel camouflage pants to sew for our nephews, and John Deere pajama pants for Stephen. As long as I can get the kids’ pants done, that will be good. Oh, and a necklace for our 4-year-old neice.

Now that all my music events are pretty much done, I’ve actually had the time to work on finishing up making gifts. It’s been another busy week, but at least it’s a staying-home-and-keeping-busy kind of week instead of having to run a million and a half places.

Then, this weekend, we leave. I’m getting SO excited! I really will be home for Christmas this year.

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