We won't have a Christmas picture this year

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Well, tonight’s events pretty much guaranteed we won’t have a family Christmas picture taken, at least until next week. Or later.

Samuel was playing on the floor and grabbed a chair. He tipped it over, and it came crashing down onto his forehead.

Poor boy. He has a massive goose egg on his forehead. He’s never gotten one quite this large before. It shouldn’t be so swollen in the morning, but it will definitely be bruised. It was a nice shade of purplish blue when he went to bed.

Not to be outdone, Caleb fell and bonked his head when I was holding Samuel trying to calm him down. His is just a little mark, but his bump is in the exact same place on his forehead as Samuel’s is.

What fun. I have two boo-boo boys. :O) I know that’s life, but it’s got to hurt.

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4 thoughts on “We won't have a Christmas picture this year”

  1. Stephanie, it is funny, even though it’s painful.

    Tori, you’re right!

    Heather – I hope Miss E’s scrape heals easily. That’s not fun at all!

  2. I hear ya on that one. E fell and hit the sidealk at school with her face. She had a nice abrasion on her cheek from her eye to her lips. We had santa pics made 2 days before that maybe. It’s been a week now and its healing nicely. Hopefully there won’t be a scar.

  3. I think if you don’t have at least one picture with the black eyes goose eggs foreheads or scrathes on there faces its just night a family picture lol I have been there before. My girls would have scratches and chapped around there lips and everything lol before we could get a picture. Just don’t let them know and maybe you can get a good one lol. I am laughing while thinking of all the times I had this problem lol.

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