Menu Plan Monday – December 8

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This week’s menu is not very thrilling, and honestly, not the most healthy week we’ve ever had either. It is, however, an insanely busy week (thanks to my music playing schedule), so easy is the key here. I’m about to pull my hair out learning music and getting to rehearsals, so the less thought given to food, the better.

Sunday – Burger King. We thought going through the drivethrough would be fast. It wasn’t. The food was ok but we’d have been better off just eating at home.
Monday – ham and cheddar stromboli (wheat)
Tuesday – crockpot vegetable soup
Wednesday – beanie weenies
Thursday – chicken parmesan and brown rice
Friday – my studio recital. Unless I make something ahead, we will eat fast food, and then have dessert at the recital
Saturday – hamburgers

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