Sewing pajamas

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Every year, our entire family gets new pajamas for Christmas. This year, our boys will be getting matching John Deere pajamas. I’ve only made them pajama pants before, but this year I wanted to make them matching shirts as well. There’s a picture of S wearing last year’s pajama pants here – that’s the same fabric I bought this year as well.

I’ve seen the Habitual kimono pattern around the internet before, so thought I’d use it for the boys pj’s. Yesterday, I decided to try it on some practice fabric first. That John Deere fabric is not cheap and I didn’t want to have to throw any of it away.

It’s a good thing I tried it first. One modification I made to the pattern was that I decided to use snaps instead of ties. My little guy would have found a way to undo ties. So, snaps it was. But then I couldn’t get them to set in right. The fabric ripped when I tried to take them off, so I trimmed it down and put on buttons instead.

I also used ready made seam binding instead of making it myself. Everything in these jammies is something that was already in my stash – so that was good. The binding has tiny little yellow, white, and red stars on it, and the buttons have letters of the alphabet on them.




It just barely fits over his nighttime diaper. These will not fit long at all, but at least it was a practice run and I know how to adjust for the next time. If I had left the ties on them, it would have fit fine, but oh well. ;O)

This particular set is also really thin, so I’ve been trying to think if I have enough flannel in my stash to make him up another practice set.

I do have quite a bit of chicken fabric – and there’s very likely enough to make him an entire set out of it. That might be a bit much though, if I dress my boy head to toe in chickens. LOL. What a sight!

Overall, I’m pleased. The kimono top was really easy – in fact, the hardest part was figuring out the right measurements from the chart and cutting it right. I had this completely made (buttons included) in less than an hour and a half. It would have been under an hour if the snaps would have worked right. I don’t like the buttons as well as the full crossover front with the tie – and I do think the snaps would have still looked nice. I guess I need to practice setting them. The set is cute, but I liked it better before the buttons.

Now – finding time when S is sleeping to sew the John Deere ones!

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