Quail egg pictures

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quail eggs
There are 28 quail eggs in a regular egg carton

quail eggs
A closer look at the eggs

quail eggs
The eggs in the incubator. We’d like to eventually get trays specifically for quail eggs, but for now, the chicken egg ones work well enough.

The eggs are all really small – about the size of a quarter. It takes about 5 quail eggs to equal one chicken egg if you’re going to eat them or cook with them. Stephen and I crack up about eating a 10 egg omelet, but they really are that tiny.

It’s pretty interesting. Our quail actually lay better than our chickens. We have 3 quail hens and one rooster, and all three hens usually lay every day. 21 eggs a week is not bad at all. When you add that to the fact that a quail is mature in 6 weeks and should be laying by 8 weeks. . .even better. We already had the housing for them and most of their requirements are similar to that of chickens. It works out well. The eggs in the incubator should hatch out some time in the middle of this week. I’m hoping to post some pictures when they hatch.

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4 thoughts on “Quail egg pictures”

  1. Yes and no. In taste, they’re very similar. If I didn’t tell you you’re eating quail eggs, you probably wouldn’t know it. In texture – they’re a lot creamier. They make great scrambled eggs. The yolk to white ratio is higher too. They’re higher in calories and cholesterol (per ounce) but are about the same in terms of protein.

    Interesting, huh?

  2. So are they different? In taste? In texture? In content (like higher in protein?)…can’t say I’ve ever had one :). Well, at least not that I know of 😉

  3. Monika – that is absolutely hilarious! Thanks for sharing that with me.

    They are really pretty. Some of them are even light blue inside – I love seeing how creative God is!

  4. Whoa, they’re pretty!

    Every time I think of quail eggs I have to laugh.

    When I went to Japan in college, it was for a handbell choir concert tour. We were treated to a traditional meal at a local restaurant. One of the items was cold noodles which we were supposed to dip in a bowl of raw quail egg.

    Well, my fellow ringers sitting around me AND I didn’t hear the translator correctly. We thought he said WHALE egg. We were thinking, “huh? whales lay eggs? but these are so tiny!!”

    When he found out what we thought he’d said, he translated it back – and the Japanese schoolteachers and school administrators had the heartiest laugh I’ve ever heard!! So did we! LOL

    Whales, quails… whatev! =P

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