Quail adventures

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We’ve had quite the fun with the quail around here. We had 11 hatch, and a couple have died. I think we have 8 now.

Yesterday, Stephen took a few out of the brood box so that I could take a few macro shots of them. He handed me one chick, and said, “You’ll have to hold her tight, she’ll. . .”

And she jumped out of my hands onto the floor. Thankfully it was over the carpet.

“Jump.” LOL! Thanks for the warning, Honey!

Then Stephen spread a scrap of carpet onto the kitchen table so I could take some photos without worrying about them messing up the table we eat at.

They were quiet for a moment, and then one of the quail took off running. It ran so quickly that we couldn’t catch it before it ran off the table and fell onto the floor.

It bounced.

Samuel ran after it. That quail chick ran so quickly that even Sam couldn’t catch it (and he can catch lizards with his bare hands!). It ran behind a cart, which we moved. As soon as the cart was out of the way, the quail took off again. It ran past me, and ran into a corner. I tried to catch it, but that thing was fast. Finally I was able to corner it and caught it.

Those little bitty chicks run SO fast! For a two-inch-high chick, they are speedy little creatures.

And now, for some pictures:

quail in the incubator
Quail that have just hatched but are still in the incubator

quail chick
Two day old quail chick

quail chick
Quail chicks in the brood box

quail chick
One of the tabletop shots

quail chick
Another tabletop shot

quail chick
Samuel holding a quail chick

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