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Michele posted earlier today, showing her love addiction for coffee. Actually, it was left over from her MOPS meeting, but I have no room to criticize. She showed five bottles of creamer in her frig. There are eight bottles in mine.

I thought I’d show her the inside of my frig, so she wouldn’t feel bad. This is the top shelf in the frig door.

lots of creamer from the last triple coupon sale

We normally only have one bottle of liquid creamer in the house. But last week was triple coupons, and the creamer was on sale, making it very cheap. So I stocked up. Stephen asked that I buy him some plain, so I did. Then I bought my favorite (French vanilla), and some caramel and white chocolate macadamia. The caramel is GREAT! I think it and the vanilla are tied for my favorite now. There’s also two more bottles in the back of the frig that aren’t in the picture.

I believe we’re set for a while now. This should last us until, oh, Christmas or so. Just kidding! We don’t drink THAT much coffee. We do drink quite a bit, but not THAT much. Although Annie would say differently, lol.

Though Stephen came home from work today with a HUGE container of decaf. Now I can drink coffee later in the day! Yay!

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4 thoughts on “For Michele”

  1. Trixi, it’s neat that the Christmas flavors are out. I haven’t found one that I really like yet though – but it’s fun to see them out.

  2. I don’t do coffee but my middle daughter does and she loves the flavored creamers. She was so excited when she saw they have the Christmas flavors out.

  3. Michele, I agree – plain is BORING. I really do prefer sugar free creamer, but hey – if I can get regular for under a dollar a bottle, I will.

    And those little calories sure are worth it for a great cup of coffee!

  4. I love it!!! HA! Ok, I’m glad you clarified about the “plain” one – I was wondering why you would want that – such a waste of calories to me – give me the chocolate and caramel!

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