Bucket of chicken

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This brings new meaning to the phrase “bucket of chicken.”

We have 14 chicks now from the hatch that I posted about a couple weeks ago. We put them outside about a week ago, but had some pretty cold weather so we brought them back inside for a couple days. This is how Stephen carried them:

bucket of baby chicks

bucket of baby chicks

They’re back outside now. We needed to move them back outside partly because there are 28 quail eggs in the incubator that are due to hatch this coming week. We’ll need the brood box for the new babies, and the other chicks are big enough to go outside now anyway.

Pictures to come soon (I hope) of the quail eggs!

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  1. Thanks! It’s hard to keep our hands off them – they’re so cute and fuzzy it just makes you want to pick them up and play with them all the time.

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