Menu Plan Monday ~ November 10

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We’re cracking back down on South Beach again. I guess you could say we’re somewhere in phase 2, but we’re not as strict as we probably should be.

We do have pizza on Friday nights – we spend time with Stephen’s mom, and we eat whatever she has there. Usually it’s pizza. We allow ourselves one “cheat night” a week. It’s a good way to not feel deprived (and still be able to eat some “junk food”), and knowing that we’re not quitting SB for good helps too.

9 Sunday – cheese soup
10 Monday – venison cubed steak, mixed veggies
11 Tuesday – ground beef and peppers
12 Wednesday – baked salmon
13 Thursday – turkey pot pie (might make this without a crust or biscuit topping – not sure yet)
14 Friday – pizza
15 Saturday – tossed salads

You can read more menu plans over at I’m an Organizing Junkie.

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